Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hybrid kiln

"Hybrid" seems to be a buzz-word at the moment,and I guess our salt kiln qualifies,being fired these days with gas and just a sprinkling of wood. We fired yesterday- a disquietingly smooth operation; I arrived at Sydney's around midday,cleaned up the kiln a bit,glazed inside pots with our standard Naaman clear glaze,made up some wadding,loaded the kiln,started firing around 2:20 and was all done before 11,with cone 10 down [see picture],7.5 kilos salt and some crash-cooling. I hardly had to touch the kiln from around 750 degrees,the salt went in,the rings came out,the cones bent over- all according to plan. The question is,whose plan? If a firing is problematic,I expect nothing;if it is easy,I expect trouble. Opening [if Helen lets me take the car] might be Thursday morning.


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