Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kyudo [Click here for video!]

Japanese archery is [predicatably] much more complicated than the rag-bag western technique I practice,and you hit the target much less often,but I reckon the aims [sic] are the same- quieting the mind,being one with the target,trying not to get whacked by the string. Last time I shot at BetLehem HaGlilit Igor the Russian coach offered jokingly [I think] to chop my fingers off with his knife if I didn't relax them. I feel that sometimes he forgets he doesn't work for the K.G.B. anymore. My Blogmother and friend Hana Loftus often comments on her tendency to break things [computers,cameras etc]- I note that the release in Kyudo is termed hanare,meaning,appropriately,to divide.
Having established that I can post videos from Youtube with great ease,I shall proceed to post more...



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