Thursday, August 07, 2008

Saltfire Movie

Another great day with Mr. Rosenstone,cleaning [the sweatiest part],glazing,loading and firing the little salt kiln that could- in 7 1/2 hours to cone 10 [1280-ish] with a scant 4 kilos of salt,which nonetheless yielded very respectable test rings. The kiln was very responsive,doing exactly what was asked of it - I suspect because of the smaller number of larger pots in it,freeing up the airflow. Yahel,my most recent apprentice,has built a gas kiln in Lotem and had trouble getting to temperature in her first glaze firing earlier this week,so Sydney and I spent a fair part of the day discussing flow in kilns,teapots and gas lines,trying to understand what is happening in Yahel's kiln before we drive over there later on today [after opening our salt kiln] to help her unload and sort out the problem. Failed first firings are the rule rather than the exception in the world of kiln-building: it's a form of paying your dues,builds character,and is generally a Good Thing. If you just want years of reliable firings you need to buy a Laser kiln [like mine].



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