Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tel Hai


A month into the first semester,and everyone is hard at work: the first year students are getting down to throwing cylinders with enthusiasm and some success,the second year are cranking out bowls for the Symposium [have you booked your ticket yet?],while the third year students agonize about their projects and generally run the show- loading kilns,mixing glazes &c.
Back in the studio,I have 160kg. of Meir's special anagama clay,fresh out of the extruder,not to mention a sizeable pile of stoneware,some bags of porcelain and even some earthenware for a plant-pot project- and,of course, a gleaming new kiln. I haven't worked seriously in the studio for a few months,but the time cannot be far off [I hope]- my fingers are beginning to itch to get into all that clay...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel!

I'm so happy to see some pots from Tel-hai...
I'm still in Kansas City, working in an amazing studio and having the best time of my life. I still can't believe that I've being paid for that....

all the best,

much love,


7:59 AM  

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