Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anagama Pots

Meir starts loading his anagama tomorrow [I hope to be there on Thursday] so I thought it was about time to make another batch of pots. As you can see [starting from the bottom] I threw some tallish cylinders [a mixture of meir's clay recipe and Limoges porcelain],sliced them into strips when leatherhard,rejoined them to make triangular shapes [refined by planing with the Surform] and added a similar neck made from sections of the skinniest one. They happened rather spontaneously,but are the next step in a shape and technique that I've been playing with for quite a few years. I think of anagama pots as sails spread in the wind of the kiln,trying to catch the stream of heat and ash. I'm always concerned [often with good reason] that my joining technique is not quite strong enough,and that the pots will split or buckle under the stress of the firing [they usually fall on /get stuck to Meir's pots].


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