Sunday, June 07, 2009


I have an order for a dinner set [large and small plates,bowls and cups] but forgot that it's a set of 12,so made some extra plates to round off a month's work in stoneware and fill up the 3rd bisc before moving on this week to my beloved porcelain. The plates are made from 1900 gr clay; when dry enough to trim,they weigh around 1500 [obviously,some clay is lost in the throwing];after trimming,they weigh a kilo,and after glazing and firing - around 820 gr. I don't do it often,but it's quite instructive when trimming plates to have scales handy and weigh each one when you think it's done.
By the way,I believe that the word 'plateweight" might be yet another neologism to have sprung from the blog,like "dethixotropize" a while ago. Start your own blog! Make up your own words!



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