Monday, December 14, 2009

Gather Round Children

When your young and idealistic parents made aliah [immigrated] in 1977,the Jewish Agency gave us a bed-frame, matress and quilt,a knife and spoon [but no bourgeois fork],a plastic bowl,a light-bulb [if I remember correctly] and this lethal parafin stove,made in Communist Rumania with instructions in French,obviously part of some doubtful entente, which has remained unlit on a dusty shelf for the last 32 years. In honour of the holiday [Chanukah,the Festival of Light] and because I'm finally clearing out the store-room,I gave it a wipe,filled it up,stood well back and lit it. It does crank out the heat,but also smells a lot, apart from its inherent structural instability [like its country of origin],so I think I shall render it unfit for use [with my big hammer] and consign it to the bin.


Anonymous Ann Fisher said...

Hello Daniel, we live in the US and really like your menorah and jug pictured in the book "Harvest of Light" by Allison Ofanansky. How can we purchase it?

Thanks, Ann Fisher

6:30 PM  

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