Monday, December 21, 2009

Throwing Glaze-Catchers for Crystal firing

Click on the title above. More esoterica from the complicated world of crystal-glaze firing. By the time I've finished,you'll know as much as I do [which is the whole idea...]. These can be tricky at first,but eventually your fingers just drop into place. It hurts [the pocket] to throw them with porcelain [they have to shrink together with the porcelain pot they're stuck to] since they are wasters,binned after use,but sometimes one has to suffer for art's sake. With crystal glazes,one has to be prepared to suffer quite a lot,in fact [as I order another set of kiln elements and a new thermocouple from the States for $250].


Blogger Avi said...

I save my dried scraps and broken bone dried pots and then slake them down and put it in a drying bat to use ase risers and catchers. It is too contaminated to use for crystalline pots anyway

4:52 AM  

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