Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Always Something New

On my last visit to Minerals & Refractories in Magshimim I couldn't resist a 1.50m. length of kiln-prop [part of the challenge was to see if I could get it home in one piece]. I've been contemplating how to slice it up into useable sections ever since- today I took the plunge and started to cut it using a couple of large hacksaw blades I bought a while ago [because they looked like they might come in useful one fine day],running a dribble of water over the pipe as I cut it to lubricate and keep down the dust....The ends didn't come out as square as when Moshe cuts them with his chop-saw at the factory,but then again - my kiln shelves aren't that flat either.With a few more pieces still to cut,the teeth on the finer saw-blade are almost worn flat. I've acquired several families of kiln-props over the years,but this is the first time I've cut my own.Meanwhile I'm bisc-firing pots for anagamas - Meir starts loading next week.


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