Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You're right- the timing is a bit strange: I don't know who arranges these matters- it is a little early in the year to be thinking of Chanukiot,but this is a shape/design I have had in my head for a good few years,and apparently it was time for it to emerge. The top plate is built like a box-lid,with the bottom part a container for olive oil [I haven't made Chanukiot specifically for burning olive oil before]. The skinny brass tubes are sold here with bundles of wicks,mainly used for lighting Shabbat lights [oil]. I can feel a number of influences at work without being able [yet] to enumerate them all [cribbage boards? Man Ray's Cadeau?]. They're made from rather thin slabs of porcelain,with lots of joins,so I'll have to see how they survive drying [let alone firing]- I think a nice thick celadon glaze is called for.
Meanwhile [as the Klezmer bands warm up outside for night #2 of our Tsfat Klezmer festival] I'm gearing up for another salt firing,inspired by the last one- both the relative smoothness of the loading/firing process,the successful outcome,and the fact that I've already sold quite a few mugs from that firing at the [for me] very respectable price of 100 shekels a pop.


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