Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pots from the Salt Firing

This was one of the more successful salt firings that I've done: we arrived at Tel Hai at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning with 50-odd bisced but unglazed [inside] pots and had everything glazed,wadded and loaded into the kiln ready to fire by 12. Cone 8 [1250ยบ] was dropping by 6 in the afternoon and by around 9 we were done and on our way back to Tsfat,with 6 1/2 kilos of salt in the kiln,6 rings pulled,cone 10 almost flat,30 mins. oxidising, and crash cooling at the end of the firing. We returned to open the kiln yesterday at around 6 pm [it was at just the right temperature to unload]- everything looks good [with,of course,room for improvement] and now I have a nice batch of salt-glazed mugs and bowls for the studio. if I were to do another salt firing {say in mid-September] would anyone out there be interested in taking part?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posts and even nicer pots!
Thanks for sharing! The wait for your new post was worth it!
Shelley from Jerusalem.
PS The clocks are really nice---but then so is each pot you showed! kol Hacavod!

10:04 AM  

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