Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now It Can Be Told

Four weeks of fairly intensive daily crystal glaze firings are drawing to a close,with more than 80 pots fired [6-7 per small single-phase kiln],not too many binned pieces and a few more/refires to go. It's been a riveting period,with multiple ups and downs,almost every imaginable twist and turn along the way, and at the end I'm not sure if I'm any the wiser about these amazing glazes; with so many variables at play [including aging of the kiln elements and number/shape of pots in a firing] there just isn't any firm ground or baseline to fall back on- it's like being up in the air for a month with no visible means of support. You get used to it after a while,but it's a bit disconcerting.
Now to make a few pots for the Bourry-box wood kiln; Sydney's itching to get a firing in before Pesach [and maybe I should make some Seder plates...]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Worth waiting to see on your blog! Keep up your good work.
Shelley from Jerusalem.

9:04 AM  

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