Sunday, February 09, 2014

The End [Part Two]

I thought I might have finished the current round of crystal glaze firings, but #6 is firing today, probably the last one unless I have time to make a few more pieces to test the new batch of silver nitrate I just bought, and which otherwise may have to wait until next year, since I seem to fire the crystals on an annual cycle. I was going to post a bunch of pictures to wrap up the blog [it's been running for 9 years] so that might wait another day or two. I've been thinking about this blog, and the difference between it and Facebook, where I have taken to posting: the blog has always been more personal,more like a diary written primarily for myself, whereas Facebook seems to me more public, seen by more people [4 times as many] and therefore more guarded and limited. On the other hand it's much easier to respond to FB posts, and the ability to be in contact [however limited and restricted] with a wider circle [and to know who they are] is apparently a deciding factor.
      Meanwhile, here's a bowl from a recent firing; the shape is inspired by a bowl from the Song period [10th-13th C]
that I saw on my last visit to the Percival Collection [now in the British Museum]- I haven't done any bowls in the crystal glazes before, am quite pleased with the results and am waiting to see how people take to them.


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