Monday, February 06, 2006

2nd firing of test kiln

Yesterday morning I ordered another couple of gas cylinders and,to my surprise,they were delivered an hour later.I dug out a few glazed/unfired pieces,loaded up the kiln,and started firing early in the afternoon.Around 5 o'clock my sole semi-accurate pyrometer decided to call it a day,which added spice to the proceedings.There was much building of provisional chimneys and removal of same [didn't seem to make a difference] and at some stage I moved the burner from the port at the base to the spy-hole in the middle to try to heat up the top- resulting in these 2 cones keeling over almost instantly.Packed up around 9,at the bottom of the gas cylinder.This morning's opening revealed that the bottom reached 1260 with enough reduction to give a reasonable celadon;the middle shelf [where these cones 7&9 were] got to 1230/40,judging by the rather unfired appearance of the glazes,although the copper glaze showed signs of reduced red;the top shelf just about managed to melt some broken glass in a dish,but not the glaze. Posted by Picasa


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