Friday, June 23, 2006

Orton Cone Tables

As most potters know,there are many variants of this table,each slightly different;I suppose there's no reason that Orton's should be any more accurate- they only make the things- but,for what it's worth...You may notice that the cone temperatures are given for a rate of rise of x degrees/hour during the last hour of firing- for me,this solved a question I have had for years- does 'rate of rise' refer to the whole firing,or just the last part? Thus,slowly,we push back the borders of ignorance.By the way,you have to click on the title to get the link [it's a different colour,see?], then look for the reference library link and cone charts.Not too complicated,I hope.I also liked the idea of calcining cones before stressful firings.
Feeling slightly hammered today after the Roger Waters concert yesterday at Nevei Shalom,near Jerusalem.It's been so long since we've had huge rock concerts in Israel that I'd forgotten what an ordeal they are.The concert was great,with memorable versions of "Wish you were here" and "Money",and Snowy White played his heart out,and Waters' voice is still great,and it was wonderful to be swaying with 60000 hevre singing "Soooooooo so you think you can tell..." at the tops of our voices,breathing in the dust of what we were told was a chickpea field,with rapturous smiles on every face.What a band.



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