Sunday, June 18, 2006

Quest for Excess

I guess we did reach the outer limits of salting in the last kiln,as I had hoped when we stuffed it with 15 kilos of salt- the 'orange-peel' effect starts to melt out,colours go glassy- still quite fun,but a bit over the top.Quite a few salt drips from bottoms of shelves- need to do some cleaning before the next firing.The tiles [taken from an Indian wood-block] came out rather well,I think- I sold one this morning [to a couple of sweet philosophy students from the Sorbonne,no less] and suspect that this might be my first commercial design from the salt-kiln.Salt-glaze is a foreign effect to most people [like anagama],and it is a challenge to find the right shapes and finishes that will entice customers to buy:if nobody's buying,I'm not interested in making.
I'm going back to finishing slipping last week's pots,after which I think I might have enough to load bisc #2 in the current batch.I tried to put the salt pictures in a separate Flickr show,but have not yet succeeded- meanwhile there should be one picture above,with the rest mixed in with the Japan pictures.We have our technicians working on the problem...


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