Monday, July 02, 2007

First Glaze Kiln

Fired yesterday,mercifully with a breeze blowing through the studio:a good first kiln,evenly fired top and bottom,good reduction.It looks as though I mixed in too much of the Spanish clay with the French- the speckle under the blue slip looks good,but with the cream glaze it's a bit spotty.But I'm sure someone will like it. The new Jun blue glaze looks great with all the iron action- Yahel mixed up a fresh batch,and I might use it on some of the pots that were earmarked for the cream glaze if the spottiness persists. Kiln #2 was glazed and loaded today,and is currently around 1200 degrees,with [I hope] just enough gas in the second 50kg tank to finish the firing.My gas line to the big tank is temporarily out of action,so I am back to juggling gas tanks,just like in the good old days.


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