Friday, September 21, 2007

New Year,New Elements

This is more like it. As I suspected,the elements needed replacing,taking [now] a spanking 4 1/2 hrs to cone 9 [1260?]. These crystals do seem to need rapid fire- I think to avoid too much interaction in the molten glaze. The kiln program is set for 1270 degrees top,but I curtailed that segment when I saw cone 9 down at 1260; from the results,I could have left it alone- that 10 degrees is the difference between the nicely-formed but tightly-packed crystals in the picture and the balance of crystal/background that I [and everyone else working with these glazes] is looking for.
I always think that it's not too wonderful to get your desired result first time out,so this kiln makes me quite happy [apart from one overflow that ran over the holding trough,ran over the shelf,down the prop and onto the kiln floor]- I think I know how to get to where I want to be from here.I think.


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