Monday, October 29, 2007


The wine seemed to have stopped bubbling through its airlock,so Yahel helped me sterilise [boiling water] the bottles and equipment and siphon the young wine into 31 bottles -this year's batch. Initial tasting shows promise.
Meanwhile crystal #15 has been firing away- we just reached the peak [1260 this time] and are into the crystal growing segments of the cooling/soaking cycle. For this firing,I intend to use two separate firing programs on the kiln controller: since each program has only 8 steps,I am limited to 4 crystal 'rings' of which only 3 usually materialise on the fired piece [for reasons as yet unclear to me]- using 2 programs one after the other,I am trying to see if I can get another 3/4 rings,thereby making an already complicated process even more so. Is there a name [or treatment] for this?


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