Friday, June 12, 2009

Tel Hai Summer School

Gunn and I are planning two three-day workshops this Summer at the pottery department in Tel Hai - the first time we have tried this,though by no means the first time we have thought that it might be a good idea. The first will be from Tuesday July 14th -Thursday 16th,and will include a firing in the gas kiln: the second will be from Tues July 21st - Thurs 23rd and will feature a salt-firing [assuming we manage to re-cast the crumbling door of the salt-kiln by then]. The plan is for participants [this could be you!] to bring a few appropriate pots for the firing,which would be on the second day,the rest of the time spent with the two of us practicing all manner of exciting,exotic and demanding wheel-work techniques [throwing big,throwing and altering,throwing with stick and kidney,for instance],not to mention tightening up basic technique on cylinders and bowls,pulled handles,and so forth,and finishing with a kiln-opening. All this will set you back a mere 850 shekels,which sounds like a good deal to me. Interested parties should get in touch with either of us;until we get our phone #s sorted out,send me yours as a "comment" and I'll get back to you...


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