Friday, July 31, 2009

Let's make a Chanukiah

And let's make it complicated. Starting with 5-6 kilos of nice soft clay and a firmly-fixed large bat.Of course,you could start with a smaller one. Centre the clay and spread it into a thick flat disk 3-4cms thick [I didn't think of photographing this bit].Divide this into 4 concentric rings,going right down to the bat in between rings. Then "open" each ring in turn,leaving a good base,raise the 2 walls of each ring a bit,then fold them together and seal well to form 4 hollow concentric rings. Is that at all clear?
Wire the lot off and throw another ring for the shamash- also throw a conical base and squash its top to form an oval to recieve the ring of the chanukiah. When drier,trim both sides round,then slice as shown.Listen out for the little sigh of air escaping when you cut each ring. Notice that you have parts for 2 chanukiot! Did you throw 2 bases?


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