Thursday, December 31, 2009

Repetition Throwing

It's what I do most of the time. You start with the same weight of clay - 325 gr. here - and do the same things to it each time,and [in time] they all come out looking similar. This mug is the basis of my professional work; I've been making it since I started,inspired by Robin Welch telling me "If you don't have a good reason not to make a cylinder,make a cylinder". He thought that not many potters could throw a good cylinder - that's one of the reasons we apprentices used a jigger & jolley to make his line of pots. I learned to throw by practicing this shape: I make cups and mugs in different shapes and sizes,but always start a body of work with 60-70 of these.Click on the title above to see the video on Youtube - I throw three mugs,and there's even a slight reverse camera angle on one of them,so you can see that first pull from the other side.I find the stick-and-kidney technique useful to get the wall thin but not floppy,to stop the cylinder from flaring,and to get a good surface for decorating later. I cut off with a nice twisted thin bronze wire in a zig-zag and leave the thin base untrimmed.



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