Thursday, February 09, 2006

Year of the Blog

Yup,this blog is a year old today.Everyone's invited to the party.I've really enjoyed writing/filming it,and the contact it has given me with friends,colleagues and customers.If you're still inclined to drop me a line [and frustrated by the "no comments" rule]there's always email-
Here is a mix of pix from 2 days of bikoret avodah/critique of students' work,end of first semester- as usual,emotionally and verbally exhausting and lots of fun.For more detailed shots [and more of them],ckeck out the students' very own blog,which,so far,they have shunned en masse.
We are currently enjoying miserable weather-cold,fog,wind,thunder,hail,rain,the works.Not enough to fill the Kinneret,but sufficient to provoke a sieries of drips in the studio roof.I'm off to fix the kitchen tap,then I might try to post the students' pictures. Posted by Picasa


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