Sunday, August 22, 2010

One of the Few

Quite a lot of people take photographs in the studio [so do I]; some even ask permission; many say that they will send me copies,but only a few do. Yasha's brother [whose name and business card escape me] is one of that noble and exclusive band,so here in the making are some of those porcelain crystal-glaze vases that are currently cooling in the bisc kiln.

Not So Smart

I passed this unpleasantness this morning on my way to the Post Office; but there again,I'm firing a bisc [vases for crystal glazes] on this boiling hot day,so who am I to talk?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Warming Up

Once a year [for 23 years] we find ourselves in the middle of a festival,with Klezmer music bouncing off the house from different directions. The closest stage is just above my studio - that's our house with the tiled roof in the left background,top photo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Still Here...

...just not blogging too much. The summer has been passing pleasantly,with sales in the studio steady if not frantic - there are some gaps on the shelves,which were stuffed to capacity a few weeks ago. It has been rather warm of late,though we head for the first night of the Klezmer festival with a cool Tsfat evening breeze blowing. I have an order for some agateware [mixed coloured clay] bowls,so threw two sets with different blue stains mixed with the porcelain as you can see- one pink-ish [cobalt sulfate?] the other greenish. A ratio of about 5:7 coloured clay to white seems to give the right amount of swirl. Together with other pots I made over the last couple of weeks there's a bisc kiln full and drying [including some honey-dishes for Rosh HaShana next month] so I should have some new work for the Holidays. I think I feel a bout of crystal-glazing coming on,so I'll try to throw some appropriate shapes to entertain the masses who invade Tsfat for the next few days; maybe you'll be one of them- come by the studio and say hello.